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Business Process Simulation Demo video

AccuProcess Modeler provides business process simulation capability to help users better understand and analyze their processes. As with the rest of this product, this capability is also intuitive and easy-to-use. Process Simulation Video (6 mins)


A running simulation is shown visually on the business process flow and it displays important information related to number of jobs completed, resource utilization, and size of task queue for an activity. This process modeling tool also provides simulation results at the process level related to both timing and cost elements including average, maximum and minimum results for both time and cost. A Simulation Results report is available that provides further details at the task and user level.


Process Simulation tool

This helps business users quickly understand the bottlenecks in the process and thus identify areas of improvement. This also allows business managers to validate the impact of their decisions on the process performance before implementation.


Why Process Simulation?

When a business process model is designed, it may be fully capable of delivering the desired output but it may not do that at a performance level that delivers the output for the expected cost or within the desired timeframe. In other words, a business process model that has been designed may be functional but may not be optimal.


This issue can be overcome by running a business process simulation, whose goal is to help in the analysis and understanding of the business process model. With this understanding, one can change the model and apply other enhancements to improve its results. The strategic objectives of process simulation are optimization to enhance performance and cost reduction of business process.


Simulation helps in developing better business process flow by providing a platform which facilitates an in-depth analysis of factors which govern the implementation of an efficient business process. It allows business analysts and managers to experience and explore a simulated business problem in a practical and pragmatic manner.


business process simulation software Efficiency of a business process is dependent on the efficient handling of the following basic factors:


  • Time
  • Cost


Getting the work done and achieving the desired output in lesser amount of time for lesser cost are certainly welcome goals of a business process manager. AccuProcess presents the simulation results in an easy to read report (view sample simulation report).


In AccuProcess, the process simulations can be easily setup and run again and again for different scenarios. Analysis of the results provide important feedback about what changes would improve the process and by how much.



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