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business process design

AccuProcess Modeler provides a convenient, visual, drag-and-drop process design capability that facilitates quick creation of business process flow charts and related process documentation. Process Design & Mapping Video (5 mins)


Business process design is an approach by which a department, a team or an organisation defines the business activities and workflows that enable it to perform its functions. The goal of process design is to design a business' processes to ensure that they are effective, complete and they support organizational growth. A well-designed process will improve efficiency and deliver greater productivity.


AccuProcess Modeler provides a rich, graphical and easy to use process design and process diagram feature that makes it very convenient for users to visually represent their business processes.


It is visual design environment is as easy to use as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Visio. AccuProcess is a graphical, drag-and-drop tool that allows users to visually design a process flow chart. The Modeler then guides the users to add relevant business rules and process information regarding the business process that they are documenting.


Designing Business Processes

Business Process Design is done in AccuProcess using a drag-and-drop Canvas area and a Palette of flowchart symbols that the users can drop and connect in the canvas to design a flow. These include Process Activities, Start and End Events, Gateways or Decision Nodes, Connecting Sequence Flows, Swim Lanes, and Annotation objects.


These process objects or flow chart symbols are based on the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) standard and they allow any business process to be visually designed in the canvas.


Process Design software

AccuProcess Modeler supports visual designing and creating of business process flowchart diagrams in an easy and intuitive manner. Business users, analysts and managers can very quickly and easily describe their process ideas in a visual, graphical manner that can then be shared with their teams to execute the processes correctly and accurately every time.



AccuProcess Modeler allows multiple levels of process flows to be represented in a process model. Most real life process models are complex and they can be best represented in multiple levels for ease of understanding and for better visual presentation. AccuProcess allows process steps to be marked as sub-processes and then attach other processes to these sub-process activities thereby creating a hierarchical process structure. A sub-process can be opened immediately from a higher level flow by simply right clicking on a sub-process step. A process flow can have any number of sub-process flows and there can be any number of levels in the process hierarchy.



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